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Short Creek Farm
Contact: David Viola
Address: 18 Winding Hill Rd. Northwood, NH, 03261
Phone: 401-864-9627
About Us
At Short Creek Farm, we produce pasture-raised pork, grassfed beef, and heirloom vegetables in an ecologically conscientious manner. From our home-grown meats and vegetables, we create delicious, distinctive products that reflect season and are instilled with a sense of place. We look to traditional techniques for inspiration in the field and kitchen while also embracing innovative practices that move agriculture and food culture forward. We aim to be good stewards of the land, to add vitality to the community, and to make good, real food more readily available.
Our pigs are raised naturally on pasture where they are free to root and graze. We supplement the foods they find for themselves with certified non-GMO feed from Green Mountain Feeds in Vermont. Along with the pigs, our beef herd is growing steadily. We are crossbreeding Belted Galloway and Aberdeen with the goal of getting small-framed animals that grow fast on pasture, are thrifty with hay in the winter, and yield the tastiest beef when raised and finished entirely on grass.