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Harvest Maine
Contact: Matt Chappell and Ben Slayton
Address: 58 Free Range Ln Yarmouth, ME, 04096
About Us
There’s nothing better than a wholesome nibble to satisfy a craving. But what if you could help a local farmer and the planet with that same bite? Truth is, a surprising amount of vegetables are imperfect and never make it to market. Harvest Maine aims to change all that. We buy tons of oddly-shaped and blemished veggies from local farmers – reducing food waste and putting a little extra money in farmers’ pockets. Snack away and let us know what you think.

Ben & Matt
Helping farmers utilize the whole harvest is our goal. We do that throughout Maine with the following farms:
Six River Organic Farm
Peacmeal Organic Farm
Checkerberry Organic Farm
Fairwinds Farm
Crystal Springs Organic Farm
Hallbrook Organic Farm
Jordan Farm
Green Thumb Farm
Community Harvest (Unity)