Fruition Farm
Contact: Jillian Arquette'Gallagher
Address: 31A North Main Street Newmarket, NH, 03857
Email Address:
Phone: 603-969-4162
About Us

Although we began our farm endeavor with hundreds of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry bushes in 2013, our focus has fallen on establishing a flower crop that outlasts berry season and isn't as sticky as honey. Our lifeblood has been in seasonal wedding design, but we hope to bring blooms to everyday occasions and restaurant tabletops across the seacoast!

Fruition is growing up and laying down roots in the quirkiest little town of Newmarket, NH.
We believe the cultivation of flowers should have as positive an impact on the earth as they do on their recipients. Through "no-spray" and other sustainable farm practices like composting, drip irrigation, and crop rotation, we strive to treat our lovely little piece of land gently. We are not certified organic, but always follow organic practices.