Stock and Spice
Contact: Evan Mallett
Address: 25 Ceres Street Portsmouth , NH,
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Phone: 603-275-4764
About Us
STOCK+SPICE was founded in December 2014 by Chef Evan Mallett and Denise Mallett, owners of the Black Trumpet restaurant in Portsmouth, NH. Using spices from around the world, Chef Mallett has created a signature line of 28 innovative spice blends. Ranging from North African Baharat, to Georgian Kharcho, to the Herbs of Tuscany, our blends can help professional chefs and home cooks alike deepen the richness of their dishes with flavors that span the globe. We use only the freshest dried herbs and spices to make our blends, mixing, toasting, and grinding ingredients in-house, in small batches to bring out the absolute best flavors and aromas. We hope you enjoy our spices, and we hope you have fun in the kitchen!