Dunk's Mushrooms
Contact: William Dunkerley
Address: 313 Route 125, Unit F Brentwood, NH, 03833
Phone: 617-240-9605
About Us
We grow up to 12 different species of mushrooms, all from certified organic “blocks”, that are produced by 3 other mushroom farms.
Although not certified organ ourselves, we only use filtered air, and filtered artesian well water in our grow rooms.
At the same location as our farm, we have both a licensed commercial kitchen, and a retail shop. All of our products are produced in our kitchen from scratch, sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible. Our retail shop also carries many other local products.
Currently 100 % of my staff has prior experience in the food industry, and more than 50% including myself, are certified “Food Safety Managers”.
We extend our kitchen practices into our mushroom harvesting area, and are constantly sanitizing and cleaning all surfaces throughout the day.
Mushrooms have a short shelf life, so in order to minimize food waste, we utilize everything that doesn’t sell before what we consider to be it’s prime window, or any damaged or broken mushrooms, by turning them into delicious jerky, powders, or other products in our kitchen.