Willoughby Farm
Contact: Susan Willoughby
Address: 16 Shaws Hill Rd Kensington, NH, 03833
Email Address:
Phone: 603-988-1708
About Us
Willoughby Farm is located on Shaws Hill in Kensington, NH. The land has been farmed for several decades by others, and we moved onto this land in 2014 and began producing certified organic produce. We are "small" with only 3 people working the farm, including ourselves. We prefer to stay small and be able to provide the local area with excellent produce while maintaining a friendly personalized relationship with all our customers. We operate a small CSA with share numbers ranging from 35 to 50.
Willoughby Farm of Kensington LLC produces certified organic vegetables and melons in Kensington, NH. Active production is on 3 acres with 8 additional acres for crop rotation and mulch hay production.