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Tuckaway Farm
Contact: Cox Family
Address: 36 Captain Smith Emerson Road Lee, NH, 03861
Phone: 603-868-1822
About Us
Tuckaway Farm is a three generation family farm "tucked away" along the Oyster River, just 2 miles from UNH. We have farmed organically for over 50 years, growing vegetables, small fruits, hay, blueberries, livestock, grains and oilseed crops. We use draft horse power and no/low-till practices when possible. We are engaged in open source research and development through, a collaborative community for resilient agriculture.
Agricultural Practices
No synthetic chemicals used, No GMO used, Pasture-raised, 100% Grassfed, Heritage breeds
NHDAMF Certified Organic
NH Land and Community Heritage Program
NHDES Water Supply Land Grant Program Town of Lee Conservation Commission