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Vernon Family Farm
Contact: Jeremiah and Nicole Vernon
Address: 301 Piscassic Rd. Newfields, NH, 03856
Phone: 603-370-8203
About Us
Vernon Family Farm is located on 33 conserved acres in Newfields, NH along the Piscassic River and route 87. We are a pastured livestock farm with a focus on giving above-average care to our animals, the land, and inviting our community to join us in our efforts and passions. Chicken is our main jam, and we raise over 20,000 Ross 708s for meat birds, and over 200 egg-laying birds (including some funny ducks and geese). Our chickens are raised with nonGMO feed, Halal-certified, USDA-certifed, and pasture-raised right here on Vernon Family Farm. Our family and our crew love being able to provide an easier way to eating local year-round, while also inviting you to experience life on the farm.
Our farm practices a grass-based agriculture system, or pasture-raised. This means that our cows, sheep, and chickens (and guard llama) forage on fresh grass every day, to allow a healthy, natural diet, and a systematic rotation of the pastured areas to boost grass and native plant health to then continue to support life in the local ecology. We also feed our broiler chickens a non-GMO corn and soy grain, and our egg-laying birds organic, soy-free grain from Green Mountain Feeds, a local grainery in Vermont. We continuously strive to reduce waste, improve our regenerative practices, and create community events that bring locals together, while eating finger-licking good, local chicken.