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Governor Dale Farm
Contact: Josh Andrews
Address: 174 Post Rd. North Hampton, NH, 03862
Phone: 978-509-1902
About Us
Governor Dale Farm is an historic farm located in North Hampton, NH. The market garden features two acres of bio-intensive field production and three high tunnels for season-extending production. The property was originally owned and built by New Hampshire's Governor (1945-1949), Charles M. Dale.
Governor Dale Farm grows fresh produce, herbs, and flowers using regenerative agriculture practices with a focus on soil health. Below are some of the highlights of our growing systems:

*Year-round cover crop rotation to improve soil fertility, attract local pollinators, and to increase biodiversity on the farm.
*Seed we use is GMO free and sourced locally with a preference to heirloom and organic varieties.
*Only organic potting soil, fertilizer, and soil amendments are used.
*Only organic, biologically-based sprays are used (sparingly) for pest-disease control.
*Absolutely NO chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used.
*Absolutely NO plastic is used in field production, instead local straw or seaweed for mulch.