Queen's Greens
Contact: Danya and Matt
Address: 245 Meadow Street Amherst, MA, 01002
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Phone: 413-345-0848
About Us

At Queen’s Greens, we grow good looking, great tasting, super fresh, certified organic vegetables. Everything is grown with care from seed to harvest on our 30 acres of fields and greenhouses in Amherst, MA, right in the heart of the fertile Pioneer Valley.

Queen’s Greens is owned and operated by its founders, Danya Teitelbaum and Matt Biskup. We employ a small team of dedicated farmers committed to helping us grow flavorful, beautiful vegetables.

Our specialty is boutique wholesale, supplying restaurants, retailers big and small, local universities and regional distributors. We harvest to order and deliver year round so our customers enjoy the absolute freshest produce season after season.

We are best known for our gourmet baby greens, including a variety of salad and lettuce mix, baby spinach and baby arugula. All are thoroughly washed, spun dry and available in bulk or retail packaging.

In addition, we grow many kinds of bunched greens, lettuce heads, a wide variety of culinary herbs, bunched roots and both heirloom and red tomatoes.

All of our produce is GAP certified through the Commonwealth Quality Program and USDA certified Organic through Baystate Organic Certifiers. We farm with responsible and safe growing practices that nourish our land and our community.