Blackeyed Susan Sheep Dairy
Contact: Julie Whitcomb & Matt Gelbwaks
Address: 7 Carson Way Mont Vernon, NH, 03057
Email Address:
Phone: 603-320-2353
About Us
Blackeyed Susan Sheep Dairy is the first Grade A dairy in the State of NH milking sheep.
Sheep milk seasonally, so most of our production will be between April and October. We are making several types of fresh cheese like Feta, Brebis, and Ricotta and several aged cheeses, principally Manchego, Ossau-Iraty, Tomme, and Asiago. The aged cheeses will be available year round and we will let folks know when they are coming out of the cheese cave and are ready to eat! We also make yogurt, gelato, and frozen yogurt year round, though in much smaller quantities off season. If you have any particular requests, we are always open to doing specials!
We farm observing the organic standards, though we feed a conventional grain mix. Our sheep go out to pasture whenever the grass is green and to ensure they get plenty of exercise in the off season, we have fitted them all with little snowshoes so they can enjoy the fields when it is snow covered as well. The rams live next door but come down to visit religiously on Halloween and then go home again on Valentines Day. We strive to lamb as close to the vernal equinox as possible and then milk share with the lambs for their first 30 days. The lambs get to go to summer camp across the way once they are weaned and the rest of us get down to the business of milking the ewes and making the cheese (and yogurt and ice cream) until October.

Our sheep are mostly East Friesian though Gus, our current herd sire, is Assaf (from Spain in a test tube), so we are becoming one of the few hybrid sheep dairies in the US.