Kaha Coffee Roasters
Contact: Tyler Workman
Address: 14 Cedar St. Amesbury, MA, 01913
Phone: 978-992-7791
About Us
We are a small business based in Amesbury, Massachusetts, specializing in hand crafted, small batch, specialty coffee roasting with a focus on high quality coffees sourced from around the world. If you are unfamiliar with the term Specialty Coffee, it is best summed up as coffee that has been grown, handled, processed, sourced, and roasted with attention to detail to bring out the best of what coffee has to offer, as opposed to the mass-produced coffees typically found at grocery stores which are also referred to in the coffee industry as “commodity coffees.” Commodity coffees are typically over-roasted, have a strong bitterness, and are sold at very low prices.
KAHA Coffee Roasters imports high quality green coffee beans from around the world, each with unique characteristics and we note their flavors, acidity, body, density, etc. then we search for beans that perfectly complement each other and blend them together to create a coffee with the best characteristics from every bean, resulting in a balanced and delicious coffee. Our core blends exemplify this by offering a broad variety of flavor profiles and characteristics.